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Latest Version

The latest release is 4.0.3. This build is based on CyanogenMod and uses the latest Linux 3.2 kernel



The following instructions are for the Efika MX Smarttop.

The steps to build:

mkdir efikamx_android
cd efikamx_android
repo init -u git:// -b cyanogenmod
repo sync
. build/
lunch cm_efikamx-userdebug

This should produce build output to out/target/product/efikamx/

Now get and build the kernel (a precompiled uImage is available in the android source $path_to_android_source/device/freescale/efikamx/kernel)

git clone git://
cd linux-testing
cp arch/arm/configs/mx51_efikamx_android_defconfig .config
ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=$path_to_android_source/prebuilt/$host_arch/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi- make uImage

Now to setup the sdcard, please use this partitioning structure (as its expected for Android to boot)

[physical] [p1] [vfat] [20M] (uImage & boot.scr)
[logical] [p5] [ext4] [200M] (/data)
[logical] [p6] [ext4] [300M] (/cache)
[logical] [p7] [ext4] [300M] (/)
[physical] [p2] [vfat] [$whatever is left] (currently unused)

Note that to get the logical partitions correct you will need to begin the logical partitions at the fourth MBR not the third.

Now that the above is ready please copy the android system by doing the following:

rsync -avr $path_to_android_source/out/target/product/efikamx/root/ $sdcard_p7/
rsync -avr $path_to_android_source/out/target/product/efikamx/system $sdcard_p7/
rsync -avr $path_to_kernel_source/arch/arm/boot/uImage $sdcard_p1/

Now you should be able to boot. Please note the bold issue above, to get around stuck frames: click on either the clock or the application switcher.


The following currently is not working:

  • VSYNC isn't implemented in 3.2 kernel
  • Wifi (this should be simple to implement), ethernet can be made to work by running dhcpcd eth0 on the serial console
  • Audio (3.2 kernel lacks these drivers, will need to wait for our 3.4 rebase)
  • Video playback (this should also be simple to add)
  • Animations will break rendering (please disable by going to Settings -> Developer options -> (Window animation scale & Transition animation scale) -> off